Environment World is led by a team of highly experienced and motivated individuals, with the primary objective of making a genuinely positive impact on the environmental sector in Kuwait.

Fouad M. Al-Awadhi [Chairman]
Sheikh Abdul Majeed Ahmad [Partner / Managing Director]
Mohammed Saeed Akbar [Projects Director]
Having experience in both telecom and  oil & gas industries for more than 30 years, Mr. Fouad received his BSc. in Industrial Engineering from University of Miami, Florida  in 1988. He obtained several professional certificates such as Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Information System Auditor. With more than 30 years of experience managing large-scale environmental projects in Kuwait, Mr. Ahmad is more than qualified to successfully see through a diverse range of projects, from the initial phases of installation and integration to the subsequent cycles of maintenance and troubleshooting. Mr. Akbar has worked on a wide range of environment monitoring systems for the past three decades and possess a broad set of technical skills and on-field expertise, coupled with several years of experience in environmental, medical, and electronic equipment sales and services.
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