eMISK announces formal launch of its environmental portal: www.beatona.net which is now released for public.

eMISK announces formal launch of its environmental portal: www.beatona.net which is now released for public. Beatona boasts of being the ‘one stop shop’ for authentic environmental information on Kuwait, which is made available in two main components namely “Environment Explorer” and “Knowledge Base”. The Environment Explorer holds wealth of first hand environmental information in the form of Geographic Maps, Layers and Time Series Data for the different environmental parameters that can be interactively viewed and analyzed by the user to get answer to specific questions. This feature allows the user to compose, download and print maps for the various purposes he may have. The entire application is built upon modern technology that allows professional quality outputs by overlaying various map layers and by adjusting layer transparencies to compose and print a high quality, professional looking maps at no cost of the user. The underlying benefits of this is that the user, at any given time, has direct access to authenticated and updated information on the various components of Kuwait’s environment. The Environment Explorer, in short,  is designed to allow the user a personal touch to use and explore valuable environmental information, which is grouped into intuitive “domains” to facilitate easy access. Beatona has many useful tools and modules allowing the users to contribute in the up-keep and maintenance of the Kuwait’s environment and also to get firsthand knowledge of the state of environment at any given time. These modules are all easy to access and allow the user a great amount of flexibility to benefit and contribute.

Beatona also has an elaborate section on environmental knowledge base that is home to all kinds of articles, news, and media clippings including videos, photographs, magazines and maps related to Kuwait and its environment. The information under this section is organized in an easy to maneuver interface that bares all information, grouped into easy to follow domains. The user can intuitively find intended information from the plethora of information that is sorted and classified into intuitive categories. All information is available in this section for free download and use, however, opinions and views are not entirely of the Kuwait EPA, and the responsibility for the statements and comments are referred to the contributors of the material. Beatona thus has made a very modest effort in bridging the gap between the common citizen and the scientific information about Kuwait.